point of sales

This is a short story about Eddie and Dora and their different experiences at their local supermarket. They both intended to buy the same thing, but they went at different times. Eddie went before a Point of Sale (POS) System was implemented and Dora went after.  Only one of them will return. I’ll let you know who at the end of this post, but I think it will be pretty obvious after reading what I have to say.

Eddie went down the local shop a month before Dora. He scanned most of the aisles, dragging his eyes away from the cigarettes knowing his husband would not be happy if he took them home with him, and picked up the toilet roll he’d come in for. He walked to the till and placed the toilet roll in front him, smiling at the cashier. ‘Just these please’ he said glancing once more at the cigarettes behind the cashier. He paused, knowing how stressed he’d been recent,

‘Actually, I’ll have a pack of Marlboro please’, the cashier nodded and turned around, opening the cupboard behind him. He frowned and moved a few things around.

‘It looks like we haven’t got any mate, I’ll check out the back though.’ Eddie opened his mouth to stop him but didn’t manage as the cashier rushed to the stock room. Fast forward 20 minutes and the cashier returned from the stock room, shaking his head, to inform Eddie that he didn’t have any. As you can imagine, Eddie was pretty irate at this point, having only popped in for some toilet roll. He took out his card to pay and tried to tap it on the card portal. But the cashier stopped him informing him that he couldn’t pay contactless at this establishment.

Eddie was stumped, he hadn’t used his pin in such a long time that he had completely forgotten the sequence of the numbers. He tried twice and fearing that the bank would cancel his card he stormed out, vowing to never return to a shop with such a poor POS system.

Dora’s experience, on the other hand, was completely different and took place just a month later. The shop had improved their POS by installing a digitalised system. When Dora asked for a packet of Marlboro’s, the cashier quickly checked if there were any in the back room on a tablet lying on the table next to him and told her there weren’t any. She sighed but thanked him for checking. When she tried to pay contactless, the payment went through quickly and seamlessly.

I told you at the beginning that I’d let you know who would be returning to the shop. I think you’ve guessed it’s Dora and this was all due to the fantastic POS system that she experienced at the shop.