Commercial Air Conditioning Repair Service

Commercial Air Conditioning Repair Service

Air conditioning is becoming increasingly popular not only in the commercial aspect but in domestic properties also.  Air conditioning units, either stand-alone or installed have the ability to remove heat from the designated area and transform this into cool air to improve the comfort for its occupants.

The air circulation distributes the conditioned air, improving air quality as well as decreasing the temperature of the room. This cooling is achieved by a refrigeration cycle. However, in some instances just like any refrigerator the components can wear or damage over time causing the air conditioning unit to no longer do the job it is required to do. It can be frustrating and uncomfortable when your air conditioning system breaks down, especially in larger commercial areas that occupy a large number of people at one time. Rather than searching the market for a whole new system, it may be beneficially to arrange a repair.

120201-N-LU814-096 PORTSMOUTH, Va. (Feb. 1, 2012) Aviation Ordnanceman 1st Class Michael Turley, assigned to weapons department aboard the aircraft carrier USS Harry S. Truman (CVN 75), installs an air conditioning unit at Toras Chaim Elementary School during a community service project. One thousand Sailors volunteered at more than 60 sites as part of Harry S. Truman’s Community Service Day. Harry S. Truman is undergoing a docking planned incremental availability at Norfolk Naval Shipyard to conduct maintenance and refurbish shipboard systems. (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Leona Mynes/Released)

A commercial air conditioning repair service is more cost-effective compared to having a new system installed. Whether it’s a VRF system, VRV system, a water chiller component or a single split air conditioning unit hiring a professional team to offer a solution is a far more resourceful option.

You could be experiencing issues such as leaking water, failure to cool, excessive noise, a bad smell or no power at all which is where a professional team are needed. When hiring a commercial air conditioning repair service team always ensure they diagnose the issue and offer you a solution before carrying out any work required. This gives you an idea of how much roughly a repair is going to cost and a time scale of the repair needed.

Once the repair is complete it is always beneficially to ask if an air conditioning maintenance package is available. This service helps to keep the components and system running efficiently and to full capacity by maintaining regular checks on the system, helping to reduce the likelihood of another breakdown and ultimately a great money-saving option for the future.


How Accountants Halesowen Can Help You

Find Local Accountants Halesowen

When you think of an accountant you commonly think of people amongst mounds of paperwork endless looking into work data and finances for a business to ensure everything is in order. However, there are many different types of accountants that work in many different industries and work setting to focus on one of the multiple areas of accountancy available. It is essential for every business or organization that is involved with the transfer of money of any kind should employ a trusted member of the accountants Halesowen team. In this blog, we are going to delve deeper into accountancy and the different types of accounts available in Halesowen. Including these different roles, responsibilities and what each type of accountant specialises in to ensure you hire the perfect accountant who will help your business thrive and succeed.

5 Different Types of Accountants Halesowen

Through our research, findings, and knowledge of the industry, we will be looking into and explain the 5 most popular and sort after types of accountants available to you. These types of accountant Halesowen include financial, management and forensic accountants across Birmingham and the UK.


Forensic Accounting Birmingham

Forensic accounting is an interesting sector of accountancy if you are interested or in the need of someone who is usually compared to a detective of accountants. Forensic accounting Birmingham investigates and analyses your financial records to see if there are any discrepancies or misconduct which do not apply to the standards of law set. In many cases, forensic accountants are brought in to highlight these errors immediately so a plan of action can be put in place to right these wrongs. This information gathered can be essential if a case goes to caught as it is the job of the forensic accountant to translate the analysis of the records to the jury in a way they can understand and make an informed decision using the data gathered.


Financial Accounting

Financial accounting is typical what you would think of and associate with the role of an accountant. This type of accountancy handles the bookkeeping side of the business and keeping track of all financial records. Below listed are the typical responsibilities of a financial accountant on a typical day:

  • Track the company’s current financial position based on incomings, outgoings, liabilities and how money is moving through the company.
  • Their reports are used externally – by people outside the company, such as shareholders and potential investors.
  • Monitor the company’s share value and make statements of stockholders’ equity.


Management Accounting

A management accountant is involved in the crucial strategic decisions of business, Management accountants Halesowen and across the work evaluate the financial status of the business and inform the directors of the business and how the financial health could be affected negatively or positively depending on their proposed strategy. It is essential that a management account relays this information to the director so an informed decision with consideration of all data is reached that will benefit the company’s future.  Typical roles and responsibilities of management accountant Halesowen include: Financial reports, risk management, planning and budgeting and profitability analyse to name a few.

Quick Tips to Help Understand Gear Cutting

Gear Cutting

The prominence of gears in the industry has become increasingly in demand in the gear manufacturing and engineering services for over 10 years. Experienced teams of gear cutting specialist can gain a reputation as one of the leading precision engineering companies in Birmingham and the surrounding area by offering bespoke gear cutting services.

High-quality gear cutting companies provide a complete bespoke gear cutting service, meeting the highest of standards set from our track history within the industry of setting the highest quality in precision, technology and skill.

Gears suppliers provide a specialist gear cutting service having the expertise to be able to provide a high quality of standard for all types of gear cutting services they offer including:






Internal gears

Gear Cutting

Gear Cutting Processes

Gear cutting is a very precise and technical process, usually having to cater to customers specific requirements so that the cut of the gear is perfect for the machinery they need it for. Commonly made from metal or plastic means there all multiple different gear cutting processes depending on the service that the customer requires.

The most common gear cutting processes used throughout the manufacturing industry are hobbing, broaching, milling and grinding. It is important to understand the difference between these various gear cutting processes so that the right technique and procedure is applied to ensure the highest quality of precision cutting meeting the customer’s specifications and requirements.


The hobbing gear cutting process uses a hobbing machine, these are fully automated machines cutting splines and sprockets. These hobbers come in a variety of different sizes this is because they are used to cut all types of gears from small instrument gears to large industrial machinery gears. The teeth of the gear are gradually cut into the gear through a series of cuts made by the hob.

The hobbing process for gear cutting is most commonly used for creating helical gears and spurs. This hobbing process for gear cutting is a relatively quick compared to other gear cutting processes meaning that it is commonly less expensive.


the broaching gear cutting process is mainly used for precision machinery and cutting some of the larger gears. This process uses a toothed tool called a broach which is used to remove material when gear cutting. This process is usually used for high quantity production runs as it can be one of the more expensive compared to other gear cutting processes


This process of gear cutting uses a rotary cutter to remove material, the milling machine covers a variety of different operations from small singular parts to big heavy-duty industrial machinery. The main difference between the milling cutter and other gear cutting processes mentioned is the cutter in the milling is moved perpendicular to its axis so the cutting edges of the tool continuously cut into and exit the gear meaning greater precision when cutting.

Open Die Forging vs Closed Die Forging

Open die forging, also called free forging, is where the billet is placed within dies which do not enclose the metal entirely. The dies used for this process are usually flat in shape although some are specially shaped for more custom projects. The opposite of this process is closed die forging where the workpiece is completely enclosed.

Open die forging is usually used for shapes such as discs, hubs, shafts, blocks, plates and other custom shapes. This type of forging process strengthens the material being used by refining the grain of the metal, this in turn also reduces porosity. Cast parts are usually not as strong or have the wear resistance of similar forged parts.

Closed die forging is the process of compressing a piece of metal in an enclosed die impression. The raw material is approximately the same size as the final forged part which is placed in the bottom die. The top die impacts on the raw material to form it into the required shape. Any sized parts can be made using this process, some of the smaller parts can be forged cold.

Brown Padlock

Most metals can be forged using this process, this includes carbon steel, alloy steels, stainless steel, tool steel, aluminium, copper and sometimes certain titanium. Magnesium requires a more specialist forging process due to it being a temperature-sensitive material. Titanium is another material which requires specialist equipment and processes for forging.

The advantages of closed die forging over open die forging are the reduce machining time due to the better surface finish, this makes it cost-effective for large production runs. If the part is simple then open die forging is better for short production runs, as there is little or no tooling cost. Machining will be required to achieve the level of accuracy required.

Depending on what you require will determine which type of process you choose. If your design is simple and only a few are needed, then open die forging is for you. On the other hand, if the shape is more complex and a larger production run is needed then closed die forging should be a consideration.

Flooring Crewe

Flooring Crewe What Flooring Solutions Are Available?

Finding the right reliable company for Flooring Crewe can be a long-winded process. Sometimes it seems to be difficult to level a floor without removing the old floor or relaying new floor, but it can be made possible through certain flooring solutions and specialist flooring Crewe companies. Two cases are discussed in this write-up to elaborate on this idea.

Flooring Crewe

Flooring Crewe Solutions – Screed or A Levelling Compound

The first idea presented for flooring Crewe solutions is a screed or levelling compound. To install engineered hardwood flooring your existing floor should be crack-free and in good shape. You should use levelling compound on the low spots of the old floor to level it before glueing wood floor on it. You should sand the upper layer of tiles to allow the glue to hold the wood flooring more effectively.

Wooden Flooring

Wood flooring Crewe: You can replace the tile floor of your kitchen laid in concrete foundation with wood flooring. Though you may not be able to use hardwood for this purpose, it can be made possible with various flooring solutions including engineered hardwood and laminate flooring with wood texture, on the existing floor. You can also use floating floor either without attaching it to the tiles or glueing it down on the tiles of the old floor.

Types of Tiles

Ceramic tile flooring Crewe: It can be one of the good flooring ideas for your existing vinyl floor if it is glued firmly on a concrete base. You only must scrub the floor to remove grease and dirt from it before applying a thin layer of mortar and tile on it.

But if the subfloor under vinyl tiles is of wood then first you will have to install a cement backer board of” thickness over the joints of the floor with corrosion-free screws before laying tiles.

Ceramic tiles can also be laid directly on the existing vinyl floor if it is perfectly levelled by an expert flooring Crewe company. But you will have to clean vinyl tiles for better adherence of the mortar. It is better to hire a professional to do the job.