Quick Tips to Help Understand Gear Cutting

Gear Cutting The prominence of gears in the industry has become increasingly in demand in the gear manufacturing and engineering services for over 10 years. Experienced teams of gear cutting specialist can gain a reputation as one of the leading precision engineering companies in Birmingham and the surrounding area by offering bespoke gear cutting services.… Read More

Open Die Forging vs Closed Die Forging

Open die forging, also called free forging, is where the billet is placed within dies which do not enclose the metal entirely. The dies used for this process are usually flat in shape although some are specially shaped for more custom projects. The opposite of this process is closed die forging where the workpiece is… Read More

Flooring Crewe

Flooring Crewe What Flooring Solutions Are Available? Finding the right reliable company for Flooring Crewe can be a long-winded process. Sometimes it seems to be difficult to level a floor without removing the old floor or relaying new floor, but it can be made possible through certain flooring solutions and specialist flooring Crewe companies. Two… Read More


This is a short story about Eddie and Dora and their different experiences at their local supermarket. They both intended to buy the same thing, but they went at different times. Eddie went before a Point of Sale (POS) System was implemented and Dora went after.  Only one of them will return. I’ll let you… Read More