Questions to Ask When Hiring a Photo Booth for a School Prom

Many schools across the region now organise events for the school year leavers – whether that be for year 11s or year 13s. A popular event is prom. However, as the expectations of students are rising each year, schools are now having to go above and beyond in order to make it an unforgettable experience. Due to this, many schools now hire photo booths.

In this article, we will supply you with some questions to ask the provider when hiring a photo booth.

Photo Booth Hire

Question 1: what is the size of your photo booth?

This is an important question to ask due to the fact that students usually want to take loads of group photos at prom. However, this could be done outside of the photo booth if necessary but if the booth can safely hold a certain amount of people appropriate for a group photo, it would always be a bonus.

Question 2: what props are included, if any?

Usually, photo booth hire provides you with a range of props as well as the rental of the booth. The props include hats, masks, wigs and much more. This adds to the fun of the photo booth hire and entertainment for the students.

Question 3: what background do you provide?

After all the effort you have spent organising a theme for prom night, you do not want this to be ruined on the background of the print off photos from the booth. Therefore, simply ask your chosen supplier if you can have a green screen background and then to provide them with the photos that will be included as the green screen, before the event.

Question 4: will the booth photos be published on social media?

It is important to ask this question from a student’s perspective. This is because students love to post and re-share images on social media, and if the company share these, students will be able to share their images digitally as well as keep a copy as a keepsake.

Hopefully, this article has given you some things to think about whilst hiring a photo booth for a prom night event and suggested some questions in which you could ask your chosen supplier.